I am, within my artistic practice interested in the aspect of physicality, of a person, and of how physicality can be created and belong to a non-human shape or object. I see and refer to objects and shapes, as physical bodies, with their own personhood and agency.

The objects which I am drawn towards are found within my surroundings, at construction and domestic sites, and in hardware stores. They are usually made for a specific purpose which specifies their functions. I research these materials physically within my studio practice to get to know them. To understand their qualities as raw materials, when taken out of their intended context of use and function.


An object has, as a human, relations. Relations to other objects, as bodies, to the space in which they are placed, and to objects moving through that space. I explore, within an artwork, the objects relations to each other through an intuitive process of placing, which is both spontaneous and restricted at once. When combining and placing materials, their physical and visual qualities are in focus. I can, through combining the materials, enhance these qualities and mute the purposed functions of the object.  


My interest in the relations of objects originates from within studies made of the philosophical theories of Material Culture and Object-Oriented Ontology. I have focused this research on the social life of an object, the inwardness of an object, and the equality of all human and non-human objects. 

This theoretical research is supported by everyday life research of human bodies’ movement, presence and physical behaviour in relation to other entities. The energies and situations created in-between humans, in combination with philosophical theory, informs how I relate to and work with objects within my art practice.