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With, without​

Plastic drainage pipes, metal rods and bolts, acrylic plastic, plastic dust sheet, foam, tube, cord, straps

Approx. 3,5m x 6m x 4m

The Edinburgh College of Art

I propose to present a large-scale installation in two parts for the 2020 Degree Show at Edinburgh College of Art. The installation will be approximately 3,5 meters high, 6 meters wide and 4 meters deep. The piece is to be installed in a space with a minimum of interfering architectural features. It will be centrally placed within the space due to the necessity of accessibility for the observer to move freely around the piece. 

The constructional element of the installation will be made through the use of plastic drainage pipes which are to be connected by metal rods and bolts. The visual appearance of the structures is based on the practical requirements for the shapes to be contractually successful. Some parts of the shape are therefore more clustery to make the construction strong and sturdy. 

The structure is inspired by traditional practices of scaffolding constructions but altered into an untraditional assemble. The core of the installation is the two supporting structures with the only purpose of individually supporting their own bodies. They are not supporting or showcasing any other entity. 

When physically experiencing the piece as one move around and through it, one will see its angle shift. A different experience will be had from afar, in contrast to when up close. Its size will intrigue the observer to move one’s body in relation to it and to explore its versatility. When closer, one will find the impact of the material details differently to when on a distance. 

The installation is commenting on its own physical presence and construction. The added objects are elevating the shape of the constructions through contrasts in material and visual features. All of the materials included in the installation depend and rely on one another. 

These relations created through dependency and placement are commenting on the strength of the individual, and simultaneously on the symbiose of the collective. 

Physical work in progress

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